Everything stew

I have a problem.

Don’t get me wrong – I recognize my astounding good fortune in having an overabundance of fresh, beautiful vegetables. But it’s still a problem.

Last night, arriving home in the dark after an epic day of running from yoga to garage sale to feed store to grocery store, getting stuck in thigh-deep mud (wearing a mostly-white sundress, no less) and experiencing car-related worries, I was faced with a fridge full of produce that demanded to be eaten. NOW.

I did what any reasonable person would do under the circumstances: I made a stew.

Summer squash? Check. Chard? You bet. Eggplant? Naturally. Green beans, leftover tomato sauce, a bunch of basil, onions, garlic, parsley? Of course. A splash of week-old sauvignon blanc? Why not?

I ate the resulting stew with mashed potatoes; it was delicious.

Ingredients at the ready
Sloppy choppin

Yes, that’s a flashlight in the foreground.
Earlier that day…





One thought on “Everything stew

  1. From the perils of the wild world to the extravagance of a comfy home, sweet animal companions, running water, washing machine, shower and delicious food, Mmmmmmmm. Sounds divine. You look lovely, too. M

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