On a recent visit to Portland, Oregon, these are the things the city said to me:

Passionately long for scones. Through pure serendipity, end up at a place (Zell’s) that just happens to bring two (two!) fresh scones to each diner. Rejoice in asking and receiving.

Zell's scones
Zell’s scones

Have a bloody Mary with breakfast. Go ahead. Day drinking is good for the soul–especially if there are pickled vegetables involved.

Cricket's bloody mary
Cricket‘s bloody mary

Cupcakes are canonized in a living hagiography of all that is twee. Don’t fight it.

a s.c. edit

There is tangible, vital benevolence that flows through everyday life. Case in point: “Tapioca float with elderflower ice milk and huckleberry puree, pink peppercorn cinnamon, rose cardamom.”

aspecials edit

“Air-baked not fries.” Portland Dick’s Seattle Dick’s.

ahealthy diner food

Artisan slingshots: Everything you’ve heard about this town is true.



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