Global snack time

Globalization is, by definition, an extremely complex phenomenon. There are those who decry cultural appropriation, dilution, absorption, the insidious creep of homogeneity.

In its complexity, though, globalization cannot be said to be simply negative. Along with the above-mentioned detrimental effects, it can bring innovation, novelty, felicitous collisions of previously distinct elements.

“Fusion” cuisine is among the most obvious manifestations of global interconnectivity. Sometimes it works (Korean tacos), sometimes it doesn’t (taco pizza, imho).

I’m a huge fan of experimenting with my food, and an agnostic optimist when it comes to globalization. And so, needing a quick snack the other day, and having fresh mozzarella that needed to be eaten, it was only natural that I should combine it with kim chi.


It was pretty good.



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