An Ode to Those Who Feast on Souls

This blaze that issues from the embers
Of a spirit made restive through wonder
Stirred by delights and sorrows remembered
By light-smitten leaves, roiling seas, thunder
That stirs itself to kindle kindred flame
To burn, illuminating fierce and bold:
A force that quickens life and death as one,
They would stifle through shame
Cover with ashes, make quiet and cold
Snuff out the light of its burgeoning sun.

Cunning and persuasive in deception
In their fell sway little flames oft perish
Their violence disguised as meet correction
Falsehood creeps in attached to what’s cherished.
At us, they cast imperious gaze
Declaring that our glow is fading fast
As a flower’s petals, once lush and taut
After a few hot days
Shall wilt, their time of glory swiftly passed
The lingering fragrance that they hold for naught.

Entrapping are humility and awe
When facing enemies so shrewd and cruel
Obeisance to their insidious laws
The course it is of cowards and of fools.
Though slander issues from their vacuous maws
Defiant, I will choose to brook it not
When mock is made of tender nascent fires
I’ll clamp shut their vile jaws
To be held in their thrall is not my lot:
My triumphant spark shall ignite their pyre.



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