Bus is Best

I am so tired of cars. They are horribly polluting. They uglify the city and make it less walkable. They are always breaking, necessitating expensive repairs. When you’re sitting in traffic in a car, all you can do is seethe as you feel your finite time on earth being sucked away. Cars are symptomatic of a cynical individualism that privileges convenience over community need. Cars are dangerous and noisy.

While public transit certainly isn’t perfect, it offers many, many advantages over cars.

Here are some things you get to do on public transit that you don’t get to do while driving a car:

1. Sleep.

2. Read a book.

3. Write a poem.

4. Listen to a guy whistle like a bird.

5. Talk to strangers.

6. Surreptitiously draw people.

7. Text.

8. Watch a woman spinning yarn on a drop spindle.

9. Stare out the window.

10. Get a compliment from the bus driver.

11. Close your eyes and daydream.

12. Make little clay figurines.

13. Be wasted.

14. Spy on people in their cars.

And the list goes on… what’s your favorite bus activity?

bus portraits
bus portraits


hand practice.
hand practice.



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