This is What 420 Looks Like Where Weed is Legal

I set out to talk to people about how they felt on 4/20 now that pot is legal in our state.

The first guy I asked was a guy named Luke. He was walking his Shiba Inu. He hadn’t realized it was 4/20 until someone had mentioned it at the Dubliner earlier that day. His dog was named Yuki, which he told me is a unisex name. Yuki is male. Luke is a professional dog walker.

Luke and Yuki
Luke and Yuki

I made my way to Fremont.

There were three young women sitting on the patio of 9 Million in Unmarked Bills (writing out the full name almost made me lose the will to see this post through. But 9 Mil sounds weird too. Curses!), drinking white wine. I put the question to them, and one hesitantly explained that KEXP had reminded her earlier. Other than that, none of them had thought about it. They all had on cool jackets and seemed to find me really strange. They let me take their picture.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, I lost enthusiasm for my project pretty quick.

However: I did sit at the bar for a while, writing, and witnessed a truly impressive karaoke display courtesy of a guy named Connor, who’d worked alone all day, making and serving pizza. What a badass.

I also talked to a really friendly PCC worker about fruit. I was contemplating shortcake, he suggested chirimoya or champagne mangoes, both of which the produce department had at peak ripeness. I wanted something more conventional and juicy and acidic, like strawberries or rhubarb. Apparently PCC will have fresh rhubarb tomorrow and I am excited.

I experimented with singing really loud in public and letting people think I’m “crazy.”

I talked to other people and other things happened but I’m tired now and need to go to bed so I can get up and cook a Passover feast.

A final note: Seattle freeze? Psssssssssssssshhhhht. Just be willing to engage people and they’ll engage you right back.


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