Biscuit Rescue

Peanut butter banana biscuit. The only thing that would make this healthier is a big cup of coffee with booze (bourbon, Frangelico, etc.) in it.

buttermilk biscuit, banana, peanut butter
buttermilk biscuit, banana, peanut butter

In a perfect world, every biscuit would be eaten within twenty minutes of leaving the oven. In reality, biscuits often linger past their prime. There are those who would argue that a day-old biscuit doesn’t deserve the three-or-so inches of space it occupies. But I, ever loathe to waste food, find that to toast an old biscuit, and then amply spread it with something delicious, is a good compromise. It’s not a fresh biscuit, of course, but it’s still perfectly lovely if you approach it on its own terms. Plus, you get to hear it sizzling vigorously in the toaster as the butter heats up.

In addition to slathering them with peanut butter, you can top old biscuits with ice cream for a quick-and-dirty shortcake, cover them in gravy or soup, fry them into little buttery croutons. And, of course, there’s always Nutella.



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