Back on the Horse

I haven’t been posting, but I have been writing.

Pretty and presentable and curated hasn’t been moving me these days. Unstructured scribbles and snatches of song and a little black notebook and a moss-green pen and have.

Image cultivation and attempted self-promotion via social media turned out to be a drag. Dancing vigorously, on the other hand, the smell of roasting coffee, biking hard, taking long walks at Discovery park with Ayla, dispensing complements like candy, listening to electro-pop, drawing without caring if the finished product is shit, are turning out to be massively rewarding. Working to be a better coworker and a more ethical friend, cultivating improved sleep habits and tending to me dream-life: these things have been calling my attention way more than trying to make a good blog that I think will appeal to people. Food blogs proliferate like spiders in the Seattle springtime. I’m doing this for me.

I’m feeling the power, and that’s enough.




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