August Tuesday Sonnet

I really like the sonnet form: its strictures provide just the right balance of challenge and reassuring structure. I’m certainly no master sonneteer. I’m vexed by my adherence to similar themes and a seemingly limited word-pool. I feel like I skirt around significance to dawdle in vagueness verging on inanity. But… there’s just one way to get better, right?

Discerned at first as little but what’s there
In daily sight and doings all shot through
May delicately grow til one’s aware
Of primal promise to unfurl anew.
A stone unturned remains a neutral thing
In potential like to any other
But once it’s grasped, fresh knowing it must bring
Work upon the sight which it uncovers.
A novel path to worlds as yet unseen
May stay obscure to those who seek it out
Yet offer itself up beheld between
The strait of curiosity and doubt.
Unbound by fear of subtlety is seen
A happily unchartable demesne.

 sonnet pic



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