Ode to Thomas Cromwell

So apparently I’m addicted to writing sonnets now.

I read Wolf Hall a couple of years ago and fell in love with the character of Thomas Cromwell, his shrewdness and diplomatic brilliance, his canny navigation of the internecine politics of Henry VIII’s court. He (or, more accurately, Hilary Mantel’s depiction of him) influences and inspires me as I try to move through my own interpersonal challenges with evenhanded grace.

“Don’t say, ‘No, but.’ Say ‘Yes, and.’ “

A course unlovely visage may conceal
A mind acute, relentless in its quest
To open and delineate what’s real
From superficial dross that keeps the rest.
Appetite for praise, favor and acclaim
Though often they seduce and lead astray
To understand the vanity of fame
May guide the shrewd one to their proper way.
A strength and brilliance revealed in time
Will obtain far longer than what is shown
In appeal obvious as balmy clime
But with alacrity as sudden flown.
A blacksmith’s son from Putney gave the proof
That beauty must needs not always be truth.


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