Hi, Bots!

Who knows how many of this blog’s followers are bots? Quite a few, most likely, but I’m disinclined to sift through and count.

When I get a notification that “X is now following your blog,” X is often (ostensibly) a young woman, comely in a mild, girl-next-door sort of way. At first, I assume she’s a real person—and am often disabused of this notion once I visit her profile. “Her” blog may have a name like “How to Make 100K a Year Blogging,” and feature posts with titles like “The 10 Keys to Personal Power,” “Becoming a Person of Influence,” and “Getting Rich is Easy,” accompanied by pictures of gloating, middle-aged white men. I wonder if these women even know that their pictures are attached to scammy websites. I also wonder who’s actually taken in by “unlimitedprofits.com” and “your50Kformula.com.”

Like most people, I would love to be rich. Or, more accurately, to have enough money not to fret about my family’s healthcare needs, to send my as-yet-still-gestating child to college (assuming they want to go), and to travel. So, I guess my aspirations are actually pretty modest.

But I’m under no illusions that I’m going to make money by monetizing my blog. I suppose it’s a remote possibility—but the path I envision to writing success certainly doesn’t entail following the advice of Internet wealth gurus whose claims blend New-Agey self-help-speak with Randian bronomics.

So I’m just going to keep doing what I do, unburdened by the quixotic illusion that writing about nothing in particular and posting pictures of my ridiculous self-administered haircuts will somehow be remunerative.

awesome new earrings: baleen (http://shopbaleen.com)/"meh" new haircut: me
awesome new earrings: baleen (http://shopbaleen.com) “meh” new haircut: me

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